2018 Year in Review

Es war ein gutes Jahr...

This is my first year-in-review for Adah International, Inc, and marks the first of many for our new abatAdah Group, the result of our fortunate merger with abatUS this year.

Thinking back as to why we started this company, I can say I am proud of our success so far. We began with two purposes:

  • to provide an open, modern, work environment where underutilized, yet highly talented professionals create and lead projects as “intrepreneurs” and
  • to provide the best-value services to our customers through high-functioning, multi-discipline, multi-industry experienced contractors and consultants.

This year saw some ups and downs (mostly ups) including our largest project to date, in which we created and are currently managing a complete supply chain for a $400 million Swiss-American venture.

This year we also gained several new customers such as:

  • our largest automation-machine contract for a major logistics company from Spain,
  • a multi-medical facility upgrade project in Germany
  • a German-Mexican-American automotive parts supply chain project and
  • an expansion of our high-school logistics training program.

We also found a silver lining in things that were not 100% positive. Although our long-standing contract with a major city was not renewed with its new administration, we were able to recruit and manage a German-American Small and Medium Enterprise Forum, including almost 200 attendees from all over the southeast and Germany. We planned and hosted the new Mayor, City Councilor and head of economic development in Germany for a week of touring apprenticeship programs and meeting the companies and government representatives who make them work. We also, finally established a new World Trade Center which will be fully functional by summer 2019, and self-funding by 2020.

Unfortunately, we lost two teammates for which I take full responsibility and treat as a learning experience not soon forgotten.

The abat-Adah merger was a daunting but educational process as well. We began talks in April, and will finalize the merger in January, 2019. It put a lot of stress on our administration, but we gained the knowledge and experience as to how to manage large projects within our own company, just as we do for our customers.

This merger is one of our greatest accomplishments, and has already proven beneficial. In case you haven’t read the earlier announcements, abatUS has been a project partner with us since 2010. We’ve worked side-by-side on the same projects for the same customers and when the time came for abat to find new leadership, and, simultaneously, we were looking for the next step in our growth pattern, we decided to combine companies under one leadership and administration, while keeping the existing brands and individual competencies. The internal, modern culture and professional employees at abatUS matched perfectly with our small team. And, as they are a $60 million, 600-employee, global company, we gain a stronger foundation on which to grow.

We close out 2018 as bigger, more profitable, but more importantly, better Adah International, with both happy team members and glowing customer reviews.

We start 2019 with a bright outlook for the merged companies, keeping our core customers and gaining new ones every day.

We will continue working the major Swiss-American project, the American-German medical facilities project, and supporting the global, automotive supply chain.

We will add new logistics planning and management projects with an Austrian-American customer in the UAE, China and Africa. We will begin managing a transportation system for a German-American automotive supply chain in The States and optimizing the supply chain and manufacturing processes for a US manufacturer’s relocation project. We are grateful for the renewed and new contracts abatUS has earned for 2019. And, we will welcome a new business development manager to keep us busy far into the future.

2019 will also see a new, domestic venture of Adah which we’ll call Adah North America. The new entity will share ownership between the adahAbat Group and a new owner who is already investing time and experience from past projects with huge, domestic logistics companies. Adah North America will be focused on providing the same expert project management and engineering services, with a focus on government and non-profit projects within the United States.

As all these new projects need people to drive them, we’ve begun an internal mission for talent recruitment and development driven by a new “apprenticeship” layer to our project teams. By the end of 1st quarter 2019, we plan to have eight recent or near-graduate apprentices join each existing or new project, which will create a pipeline of new talent for our customers. The apprentices will benefit from the full project work experience, as their seniors see fit, and quickly progress into junior consultants.

Through experience and culture, we plan to make everyone’s 2019 another great year.

Thank you to my teammates and their families who made it possible. Thank you to our customers for the opportunities to work for you.

Happy New Year!

Kirk Atkinson