abatUS and Adah International unite to provide one-source IT, Engineering & Project Management support

Neue Formationen bieten unübertroffenen Wert durch gemeinsame Führung, Verwaltung und Talente

BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 19th, 2018 – abatUS, LLC a German-owned consulting and development provider of SAP technologies recently announced they are merging with Adah International, Inc. a US company providing industrial engineering, project management and training.

abatUS began operations in Atlanta in 2006 as a wholly owned subsidiary of abat AG in Bremen, Germany. abatUS moved their headquarters to Birmingham just last year with 15 employees. They now have approximately 35 developers and consultants, offering SAP services to most manufacturing and logistics industries.

Initially starting in Birmingham, Adah International fully incorporated in 2015 and now has 11 employees. Adah offers the highest-level contractor and consulting services to its customers, including construction management, logistics and manufacturing planning, quality management as well as mechatronics and automation maintenance.

A third ownership entity called abatAdah Group, Inc., will be created through the merger, with abat AG as the majority owner and Kirk Atkinson, of Adah International as the exclusive minority shareholder. Atkinson will also be named President & CEO of the new entity.

The abatAdah Group, will not be marketed which means both abatUS and Adah International will retain their individual branding and industry recognition they’ve built over the past two decades.

“Adah has been working with abatUS since 2010 as both a vendor and teammate on multiple projects”, said Atkinson. “Both companies have doubled in size in the past year, and we were both looking for ways to sustain and increase business.”

As part of the merger, Adah will move its offices to abatUS’s location within the Innovation Depot in Downtown Birmingham. According to both companies, this location offers proximity to Birmingham’s high-tech talent pipeline in both the University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as Lawson State Community College.

“We see great possibilities in the US and we’re looking forward to having a new, strong local partner onsite, which will help us grow and expand our business in the U.S.,” said Joerg Pieper, abat AG managing director and member of the board. “Adah’s services are very complementary to what we do.”

All employees from both companies will remain, and the group plans to hire around 20 more over the next few years.

“I could not have wished for a better partnership from which all our employees and customers are going to be the beneficiaries”, said Atkinson.

About Adah International:

Adah International, Inc. is an industrial engineering and project management company with over 30 years’ experience supporting both government and industry in Europe and the Americas. Adah International accomplishes the extensive, outlying needs of its customers, allowing them to concentrate more on their core products and services. Adah’s services include: site & facility planning, construction management, equipment installation & maintenance, production planning, quality control, logistics & supply chain management, operations rollout and talent development. Adah International’s experience, along with an extensive network of clients and multipliers, are the hallmarks of its success.

About abatUS:
abat is an international SAP service provider and product supplier, who does business process optimization. The company’s focus is on the automotive and discrete production industries and on logistics. The company advises on all phases of IT service management – from aligning IT systems to business processes, through development, to the implementation and maintenance of standard solutions. abat developed the SAP-based PLUS software as a tool for managing processes in production. The company was founded in 1998. Today, abat generates an annual turnover of approximately 60 million euro and has more than 600 employees globally. abat's customers include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, ThyssenKrupp Material International, Deutsche Post Worldnet and DHL. abat has German offices in Bremen, Munich, Sankt Ingbert and Walldorf and also has subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico and Belarus.

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