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  • Under your direction, we develop project-specific training for employees as well as train-the-trainer programs for middle management.
  • During initial roll-out of a new project, we start working at least 30 days prior and remain in place throughout.
  • Cost for this service can be supplemented, if not entirely paid for by federal, state and local training incentives and grants.
  • Moreover, if you are already working with staffing firm, or other government support, our scope of work and costs can be bundled within our Project Management services.


High School Training

  • We create German style ‘Dual System’ programs with your local high schools. The curriculum is usually a combination of general DIHK (German Industrial Chamber of Commerce) curriculum and your company specifics.

  • Program duration usually ranges from one semester to one full year including at least 10 hours per week: half dedicated to classroom theory and half dedicated to active operations.

  • An instructor can be hired and trained to lead class, manage transportation between school and company and monitor the trainees during company training, but company training would be led by your internal experts.

  • We can also create and upload computer based training which saves the time and money of hiring classroom based instructors.

  • Certifications can be provided by the company, school and GACC (German American Chamber of Commerce) to the graduating student.

  • Graduating students will be able to enter your workforce as competent, confident employees.

  • The costs for this setting up and managing this program could be reimbursed through federal, state and local government training programs and education grant.

Community College Apprenticeships

  • We create a more advanced curriculum and associates degree with your local Community College and according to your needs. These programs receive students from three sources:
    • Any student graduating from your high school training program should have their high school training count as credit toward the associates degree.
    • Any current employee with validated interest in- or recommended by superiors for advancement through this program.
    • Any validated high school graduate without previous experience or education who would like to enter your workforce.
  • All students for this program should have the option to work with you either full- or part-time and receive compensation while studying for an associates degree.
  • Costs for this program should be reimbursed by government incentives and grants.


Adah Inc as your certified MSSC Training Provider

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) is an industry-led, training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and logistics workers. The nationwide MSSC System, based upon industry-defined and federally- endorsed standards, allows both entry-level and incumbent workers to acquire the skills needed for the technology-intensive jobs of the 21st century

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“As President of Lawson State Community College we have worked with Adah International Inc. for several years now. They have been extremely active in working with the college to connect us with business and industry to offers training opportunities that are very helpful to the college and business and industry. We have been able to assist companies with training their employees and thereby increasing their productivity. I would certainly recommend working with Kirk Atkinson and Adah International.”

Perry Ward, President

Lawson State Community College​

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    • Automotive
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    • Logistics
    • Advanced Energy
    • Government & Non-profit
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    • Construction
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