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“As President of Lawson State Community College we have worked with Adah International Inc. for several years now. They have been extremely active in working with the college to connect us with business and industry to offers training opportunities that are very helpful to the college and business and industry. We have been able to assist companies with training their employees and thereby increasing their productivity. I would certainly recommend working with Kirk Atkinson and Adah International.”

Perry Ward, President

Lawson State Community College​

“The Adah team bring tremendous industry experience and a passion for solving problems. They leverage cutting edge technologies to find new, cost effective solutions to problems that exist across multiple industries. At the end of the day, Adah brings the right people for the right job and won't stop working until you are satisfied.”

Nathanial Long

RadioBro Corporation

Adah International provided two very talent project managers for our expansion project when we couldn't find who we needed internally, or on the open market. They learned our systems quickly and immediately fit in with our existing teams. The project was successful, on time and under budget.

Tier-One Automotive Parts Supplier

Adah took on small supplier sequencing rollout project for us that evolved into a major operation shift. In the process of the rollout, they found a few underlying process improvements, that we could implement company wide. Overall, it saved over $50,000 per month in needless expense while keeping full staff. It was a game changer for us.

Top 50 Global 3rd Party Logistics Company

On a $400 million, 14 month project for us, they delivered every day. From saving several hundred thousand dollars on logistics fees, to implementing a yard management system using passive RFID, and a easy-to-use dashboard, they made our project move with speed and accuracy.

Major MDF/HDF Manufacturer