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Project Management

Engineers and Businesspeople
  • Logistics and Production Project Management

  • IT Project Management

  • Facilities and Relocation Projects

  • Initial Design, Scope, Schedule, Budget

  • Create RFP's and Value Engineering

  • Operations Rollout and Continuous  Improvement

  • SCRUM / Agile / LEAN Methodologies 

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineer
  • Logistics and Production

  • Process Development & Engineering

  • Process Improvement, Re-Engineering

  • MTM

  • FMEA 

  • Quality Control and Systems

  • Continuous Improvement

Information Technology

it website.PNG
  • ERP Systems

  • WMS Systems

  • Systems Integration 

  • KPI / Dashboard SaaS

  • EDI serverless SaaS

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Proof of Concept


  • Training Programs

  • MSSC

  • Apprenticeship

  • Recruiting Strategies

  • Onboarding

  • Process Training

  • Workforce Development


Delivery Models

Adah International's service delivery models are defined by flexibility, value and effectiveness to customers as well as personal development, life balance and safety for our team members. 

Adah offers two delivery models: "Expert on Demand" and "Scope of Work". Working cyclically, these two models provide customers quick access to experts with multiple skills and project experience while simultaneously providing our team members with a steady flow of challenging projects without being overworked. 

Expert on Demand

Adah International provides a single team member, with a specific set of skills, for a certain amount of time.  Expert on Demand is usually requested by customers who need to supplement or augment an existing team. Almost all Expert on Demand requests are fulfilled by fulltime, directly-hired Adah team members as opposed to a staffing or temporary hire model. This approach offers a greater level of trust, value and performance to our customers. 

Project Delivery

Adah International provides a complete team, according to customer specifications, to successfully execute a scope of work. Project Delivery is usually requested when a scope of work arises outside the customer's core business. All Project Delivery requests are self-performed by Adah team members allowing customers to concentrate internal resources on more direct business needs. 

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