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Adah International was founded in 2015 by ambitious, industrial project managers with decades' experience in both European and North American operations planning and development.  


Inspired by a growing need for international, industrial expertise, Adah developed a strategy to provide multi-discipline and multi-lingual experts locally, through project-based or on-demand delivery.  

Behind the name "Adah"

Grandmother Kirkpatrick  Granny Sumner (

Inspiration for naming the company Adah, came from Adah Kirkpatrick.


Adah was born in 1898, in Walker County, Alabama to a Native American mother. She gave birth to seven children, who had 14 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.


Two of those great-grandchildren, who admired her and the many family reunions she hosted, made a promise to keep her name alive. 

Adah passed away in 1997, at the age of 99. Today, her name lives on through our company, Adah International. 

Pictured: Adah Kirkpatrick (left) and her mother, Alabama Camelia Sumner. 



Adah International was founded in Birmingham, Alabama as a resource of American-European project management, engineering and training experts


Adah expanded to South Carolina upon being awarded a major industrial project there, providing both international supply chain management and local logistics expertise. 


In response to the growing need for technology support, Adah merged with an industrial IT services provider to offer holistic support for industry including both "virtual" and "physical" operations consulting.  


Adah reclaimed majority ownership, business and employees from its former partner, and continues to offer international, industrial technology support to its many customers. 


Adah initiates strategic and exclusive partnerships with multiple leading technology companies for the North American markets.

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