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Adah International is always looking for talented people to join our team of engineers, project managers and technicians. As we hold the highest standards for our work, and offer customers the greatest value for our services, we also provide the best employment compensation packages possible. 

In addition to above-market salaries and rates, our standard benefits include:

  • Company paid health, dental and vision insurance

  • 20+ paid days off per year

  • Bonus and profit sharing potential

  • Company matching 401k retirement plan

  • Team wear and PPE (as required) 

  • Laptop, tablets and phones (as required) 

  • Internal and external training and personal development

Adah International is proud to provide a challenging but safe and professional workplace free from discrimination, politics and toxicity; where everyone is treated equally and with the utmost respect. 

For more information on careers with Adah International, visit our LinkedIn careers page... 

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or contact us here:

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