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Adah International Spins-Off, Retains Key Accounts & Adds Leadership

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Adah International Spins-Off, Retains Key Accounts & Adds Leadership

Birmingham, Ala. January 3rd, 2022 - Adah International, a local leader in industrial engineering, project management and training services, has reached a deal to spin-off from its former partner while retaining key customer accounts and team members.

Just under three years after merging, Adah International negotiated a deal to spinoff of its partnership effective January 1st, 2022. The spinoff was determined as the best response to market changes as customer needs shifted toward more immediate and local supply chain, automation and training support.

"There was a shift due to the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues which presented more opportunity for Adah's strengths like shop-floor knowledge transfer and technology integration," said Kirk Atkinson, President of Adah International. "Our services and new products are in high demand to mitigate and prevent disruptions within manufacturing and logistics industries."

With highly experienced industrial engineers and project managers covering most of North America, Adah International delivers planning, troubleshooting, technology integration and maintenance while acting as a bridge between local operations and remote headquarters.

“We offer a huge advantage to our customers by being US headquartered with German-American leadership and ownership,” said Nadja Dalberg, Vice President of Operations. “Our knowledge transfer between Europe and North America offers opportunities for Americans to learn and succeed within foreign-based processes, machines and technology."

Financial details of the spinoff were not disclosed, but Atkinson said Adah International has bootstrapped its way to success, with sights set on continued growth through talent and technology acquisition and its unique delivery models.

"We're grateful for the opportunities we've had so far," said Atkinson. "Steady, sustainable growth is our strategy. We're focused on delivering value for our customers, providing technology-based careers for our team members and not burning them out."

Adah International has also added to its corporate officers, including three women. Inés Packmohr takes over as CEO as Kirk Atkinson retains the President position. Nadja Dalberg, Jens Reichmann and Ellen Atkinson take key roles as Vice Presidents of Operations and Administration respectively.

"We’re proud to be a local, woman-owned and managed company with international expertise”, said Inés Packmohr, CEO of Adah International. "This is an international family company and we take care of our customers and team members accordingly."

With new leadership in place, Adah International's immediate plans include a new website rollout, along with new product and partnership announcements in the second and third quarters of 2022.

“Adah is focused on bringing industrial technology to market, including both automation equipment and software as a service”, said Jens Reichmann, Vice President of Operations. “We expect to have an automated inventory solution announced soon, as well as a virtual control center where data can be easily and accurately gathered and viewed for better decision making.”

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About Adah International

Adah International is an industrial contractor and consultancy, serving international manufacturing, construction and logistics industries with project management, engineering and training expertise. Adah's services are based on bringing global expertise to local manufacturing and logistics companies, including operations planning, rollout, optimization, maintenance and ramp down. Adah International's service delivery models include both single-resource, experts-on-demand and complete project delivery teams. For more information, visit our website:

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