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Adah International Signs Partnership with German-based doks. innovation for Autonomous Inventory Systems Delivery

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Birmingham, Ala., June 26th, 2022 -- Adah International, a local leader in industrial engineering and project management, today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with doks. innovation GmbH for the sale of its automated warehouse inventory systems within the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The partnership marks the first product offering from Adah International after years of successful engineering services for industrial clients particularly within Adah's main areas of expertise: manufacturing, construction and logistics. doks. innovation's automated inventory products will enable North American industrial companies to automate and digitize warehouse and inventory processes, ensuring valuable resources are not wasted on stocktaking down time.

“We’re excited to partner with doks. innovation and combine their automation products with our integration engineering services for North American businesses seeking an automated solution to inventory problems. We chose doks. innovation because of their technology as well as their company culture – both important as we grow our customer base and skilled personnel,” said Kirk Atkinson, President of Adah International.

doks. innovation's "inventAIRy" system is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (ARM) solution for automized inventory and stock data control in pallet rack storage. The system can be deployed for stocktaking parallel to daily business or fully automated during nights and weekends so that valuable stock data is attained through minimal resources. Combining machine-learning algorithms and automated data processes, doks. innovation solutions also process data to relevant information, thus offering advantages in the planning and design of industrial processes.

With highly experienced international engineers and project managers covering North America, Adah International delivers nearshore planning, troubleshooting, technology integration and maintenance while acting as a bridge between local operations and remote headquarters when there is not locally-experienced resources with global expertise available.

“Since 2018 doks. innovation has operated out of our headquarters in Kassel, Germany to develop solutions that help logistics and industrial companies automate and digitize warehouse and stocktaking processes," said Manuel Krieg, Managing Director of doks. innovation. “We are pleased to bring our products to the North American market through Adah International, where there is huge need for inventory management solutions and Adah is a leader in technology integration.”

With its industry leading technology, doks. innovation offers warehouse inventory data in real time, directly to your dashboard and avoids idle times and incorrect bookings. Tethered drones find lost inventory and identify free space and enhance warehouse operations with continuous information and automated master data collection to maximize valuable capacity.

“With the addition of doks. innovation product line and our exclusive partnership for the North American market we're making another big step toward Adah “Logistics 4.0”, said Jens Reichmann, Vice President Operations of Adah International. "We’ll also be rolling out a new SaaS system which, when combined with doks. innovation systems, offers our customers a variety of products that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes to support them on the journey to Logistics 4.0”.

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Adah International is an industrial contractor and consultancy, serving international manufacturing, construction and logistics industries with project management, engineering and training expertise. Adah's services are based on bringing global expertise to local manufacturing and logistics companies, including operations planning, rollout, optimization, maintenance and ramp down. Adah International's service delivery models include both single-resource, experts-on-demand and complete project delivery teams. For more information, visit our website:


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